Site news and CES University Partner to Help Spanish Educators Worldwide
-February 9, 2010
CES University / Universidad CES Logo is proud to announce that is has developed a partnership with
the Faculty of Psychology, CES University / Universidad CES in Medellin,
Colombia to train Spanish-speaking educators around the world in dealing with bullying.

The partnership will see the translation of resources from the online
course, "E101 -An Introduction to Bullying for Educators" into Spanish from
the Website

"This is a very exciting development in teacher preparation and education",
observes educator and's President and
creator Bill Belsey.

"What I have learned through a decade of traveling around the world
presenting at conferences and schools to students, parents and educators is
that many, if not most educators do not receive proper preparation or
training when it comes to the issue of bullying. This is a terrible state of
affairs when you consider that bullying is often the number one non-academic
issues that teachers face. It would be like having health professionals who
are not currently trained in dealing with influenza. Such a situation would
be unthinkable today, yet this is the current situation in education with
respect to the issue of bullying and education, notes Belsey.

It is expected that the Spanish resources will be in place for the fall of
2010. Spanish educators who successfully complete the course will be
recognized with a certificate from CES University / Universidad CES.

"The result of this exciting partnership is that we will soon have many
educators in Colombia who will have taken a research-based Professional
Learning course about bullying and yet many other educators will have not,"
says Belsey. "It is my great hope that could develop a similar
partnership with other universities to better serve educators in North
America and beyond."

Canada ranked a dismal 26th and 27th out of 35 countries on students'
reports of bullying and victimization, respectively (Craig & Harel, 2004).
Across all categories of bullying or victimization, Canada consistently
ranked at or below the middle of the 36 countries that were studied.
Moreover, according to the World Health Organization, Canada's position on
the international stage across all age and gender categories has slipped
relative to other countries. Colombia was not included in this study.

"Universidad CES",, was founded on 5 July 1977 in
MedellĂ­n and was recognized as an university by the Ministry of National
Education on 22 March 2007 (Decree No. 1371). CES offers programs in
Biology, Law, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine, Odontology,
Psychology, Veterinary and Zootechny. is the creator of, the world's most visited
and referenced Website about bullying,, the world's
first Website about cyberbullying,, the
official Website of the annual Bullying Awareness Week and, which offers online courses about bullying and
cyberbullying for educators and parents.

Bill Belsey can be reached for comment or interviews at:

1 403 932-1748

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