"Bullying: What Parents Need to Know, What Can Be Done" -(Available online now -65 minutes running time $100. USD)
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For parents with children in school, bullying is a major concern today. New parents are often filled with anxiety at the thought of their children entering school for the first time. They want their children to be happy and to like school. They want their children to fit in and to have success, but when their child comes home upset and scared because they are being bullied, they feel very disappointed that such a thing could happen to their child at school. After all, isn't school supposed to be a safe place where kids can learn and develop to their full potential? Parents of older children often feel that the school system is not doing enough to address the safety and well-being of their children. They can feel
frustrated and even angry that the school is not doing enough to deal with the issue of bullying.

School are trying, and many are taking steps to address the problem, but many of the schools who are trying to be proactive are implementing big-picture, long-term solutions, while victims and their parents (and bullies and their parents) need responses that help immediately.

This online presentation will help parents better understand the issue of bullying and develop strategies for supporting their children and for working with their child's school to better address bullying in their local schools.

* This Webinar is best viewed in a recent version of Internet Explorer or a Web browser that is Flash-enabled. You will need a set of speakers and/or headphones with the volume turned up in order to hear the audio narration of this presentation.

"Bullying: What Teachers Should Know, What Can Be Done" -(Available online now -73 minutes running time $150. USD)
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Bullying is one of the most important issues facing our families, schools, communities and society today, yet many teachers-in-training and experienced educators have not taken a class, let alone a course about this issue. This Webinar will help educators better understand the issue of bullying through an introduction to current research on the topic and offer practical suggestions as to what can be done by schools. The Webinar is based on the premise that an educator's primary professional duty is to help students learn, and students who are scared cannot reach their potential as learners.

This Webinar will provide educators an introduction to some of the world's best research, information, helpful resources and practical strategies about bullying.

This Webinar will offer an introduction to the issue of bullying. Educators viewing this Webinar are encouraged to participate in further professional development on this topic by taking a 100, or higher level course about bullying from www.bullyingcourse.com.

This Webinar will be offered on an ongoing basis to student teachers and experienced professional educators around the world.

"Cyberbullying: An Emerging Threat to the Always On Generation" (Available online now -100 minutes running time in two parts $250 USD).

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This Webinar was created and is presented online by Bill Belsey, the professional educator who created www.cyberbullying.org and www.cyberbullying.ca, the world's first Web sites about cyberbullying.

Part one of this 41 minute presentation will cover:

  • Setting the context for the issue of cyberbullying: An introduction to the "Always-on" generation
  • A working definition of cyberbullying
  • How cyberbullying is similar to traditional forms of bullying
  • How cyberbullying is different than traditional forms of bullying
  • What are the various forms that cyberbullying may take
Part two of this 57 minute presentation will cover:

•Why young people are doing this
•What the research is telling us about cyberbullying
•What can be done to address cyberbullying
•A summation of key points and ideas
•Offer some hope for the future

"Workplace Poison: Bullies at Work" -(Available online now -70 minutes running time $250 USD)
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A healthy and productive workplace is about more than a health plan and benefits package. It’s about providing an environment where employees can be their best—consistent high performers who are motivated to help the organization meet its goals. This presentation by Bill Belsey, will explore bullying in the workplace as a health and wellness issue for employers and organizations, and the ways it can be addressed to improve employee health and performance.
"Bullying.org: A Learning Journey" -(Available online now at no extra cost to ANY course participant now -52 minutes running time)

This free engaging 52-minute multimedia presentation by www.bullying.org’s creator, Bill Belsey, will share a personal and professional learning journey about bullying that has lead to the creation of www.bullying.org, the multiple award-winning, number one bullying-related Website in the world. Peter Mansbridge, anchor of the CBC National News, referred to www.bullying.org as “One of the best Web sites in the world for children.”

This presentation will challenge traditional attitudes about bullying held by many adults as Mr. Belsey shares his own personal and professional experiences and mistakes in dealing with bullying. He will share some of the world’s best research about the issue of bullying and will discuss the implications that this research has upon the creation of anti-bullying policies and the implementation of effective anti-bullying programs. Mr. Belsey will also offer concrete suggestions as to how schools and communities can work together to address bullying as a community issue.